Day 33-39 mile 566-702

Day 33- Tehachapi to tent site beside road

Due to ACB and Suavé needing gear you can't purchase in Tehachapi, and no retail car being available on our zero, they headed to LA with Groover, PaceCar, and Foxtrot. So Hummer, Tang, and I hung out in the hotel room and waited. I edited photos, worked on this blog, took an hour long bath, stretched, and watched some Netflix. As you can notice, I forgot that part that includes water....I should have been hydrating. Finally the gang got back at around 1. Tags had left around 9, not wanting to wait. At 240 there was a bus to the trail. So we waited, turned out it was what 350. So we waited longer. Once finally there we signed the trail register, and started climbing. Getting around 7 miles in we joined a dirt road and hiked it for the final 3 miles to our tent site. We set up, ate, and promptly passed out. Daily milage 9.8m(15.6km)

Day 34  tent site to Robin Bird Spring 25.6m

We woke up a little late and slowly started moving. I got on trail finally by 7. Continuing with the road walk, finally getting back into a tail about 4 miles into the day. We hit a spring at 7 miles for the day, where we ate some breakfast, got water from the alge filled trough, and planned out the rest of the day. Because of the slow start in the morning we need to decide about camping, as the next water wasn't for 18 more miles. But the allure of camping at a water source was too much so we decided to do that. The advantage to camping at a water source of you're wondering, is that you don't need to carry water to cook with, as I'm averaging 1L of water per meal, that's an extra 2.2lbs I need to carry if we dry camp. So we set off, doing a nice walk in some shade asking a huge ridge walk before getting back into another wind farm. Those fans never blow the wind when you want them! We stopped in the shade of a nice big tree for lunch at around 1300, after we all ate our fill, we all had an hour ish nap. Waking up to Tang packing to set off. We all begrudgingly decided we would keep moving, so we packed up our lunch and headed off. Due to this section being both on an easement on private property, and having some steep climbs, the climbing in the afternoon heat was a little brutal. There may have been 2 switch backs in like 1000ft of climbing. We pushed on, finally passing the 600 mile mark where Suavé and I waited for ACB to get a picture, then did the dirt road walk up the hill to the junction to Robin Bird Spring. Finding about 20 people there, we found a space for tents, drank a tonne of water, ate and passed out hard. Daily Milage- 25.6m(40.96km)

Day 35 Robin Bird Spring to Tent site

So we slept in until 6 again, and still took our time getting moving in the morning, not moving until a touch after 7. Tang had already left, so the four of us rolled out. I quickly set a quicker pace than the rest. Now that my shin splint on my left leg was feeling better, I was able to hold a quicker pace. We quickly got into a really nice gentle descent through a pine forest, it was cool and the trail was nice. I caught up to Tang a few miles before we planned to stop for breakfast and she had staked out some good rocks beside a river. So we ate there. Took too long, and finally rolled out with the water we needed to get to the water cache. So this stretch we were entering is the first big waterless stretch. There is 42 miles inbetween water sources. Luckily some amazing trail angels stock some water caches. So we knew there was 2 in the dry stretch so we crushed miles. We got to the first cache that was 10 miles in, found some shade under a Joshua tree and had lunch. We watched a ralley race go by on the road and chilled. Some clouds rolled in so we didn't stay too long after we ate. Choosing to get miles done instead. We got to our tent site about 6 miles before the next cache, set up, fought the thousand ants, ate, farted, Tang farted a lot, and went to sleep to the sounds of ACB snoring like CRAZY! Daily milage-22.3m(35.68km)

Day 36 Tent site to Walker Pass

ACB decided for us we were doing an early start, so we were on trail by 0510. The start of the day had us descending for 3 miles, and the sun rising over the Mojave was pretty rad, looking like Morodor. We got to the next cache at Mile 630, where there was well over 200 gallons of water, just a crazy cache. We had a snack, and started the 4 mile climb up 2000ft. We stopped just past the peak with a great view of the snow capped Sierra's. That's where we hung out, cooked some breakfast, and talked about the Sierra's. We eventually moved on, doing some up and some down, before hitting a 4 mile, hot ass road walk. I did the 1/4mile extra road walk to get to a spring, to let me carry less water. That's where we had lunch, met a local couple out in their jeep who gave us some trail magic and we decided that since it was a weekend we should rush to Walker Pass(a spot that gets lots of trail magic). It was a long 4 mile descent into the pass. When we showed up we were informed by Nancy(who I camped with second night, and gave me a ride from Julian, and who's husband was hiking the trail) that there is beer in her cooler aandthe other campsite was cooking hotdogs for us. So let me jump in here...since around about mile 100 I have been craving hot dogs....of all the food in the dogs. So here at Mile 651, I got all the free beer I could drink, and more hotdogs than I could fathom. We hung out drinking and socializing with everyone until around 830, I decided to hit the hay as we had another early day. And my pack wasn't any lighter with not eating my own food. Daily milage-27m(43.2km)

Day 37- Walker Pass to saddle tent site.  

ACB and I rolled out at 515 as usual because no one else wakes up on time. Doing one of the best ascents we've done thus far, constantly going up but not too steep. Quickly gaining over 2000ft, stopping at the peak to have some breakfast. It turned out I picked a terrible spot, in the sun, and the wind went away so it got pretty warm. We ate and decided to roll out. I had some cell service so I called my mommy and talked with her while I hiked until I lost service. We then pushed on, hiking down, then up another short accent before once again, descending. At the bottom we came across the Spanish Needle Creek. Which we crossed a few times in the noon time heat, before picking a spot to hide in the shade and ate lunch. We ended up spending 2 hours there, and talked about our camp site for the night. Hummer and Suavé wanted to push another 11 miles to Chimney Creek, which would put us near 30 miles for the day. We decided to hike on and figure it out as we went. So we began the 6 mile climb up, getting to the last camp site on the ridge at around 5, ACB caught up to me and we decided to eat there, before setting off down the hill to catch the other two. We ate, planned out the next day, and packed up. We noticed someone camping there was having a fire, we were certainly jealous of that. So we headed off, and about 50ft down the trail we heard a whistle, and there was Hummer and Suavé sitting by a fire. So we quickly abandoned plans to push on, and hung around the fire, camping up high. It ended up being great up high, nice breeze and warm. Quickly passing out as normal. Daily milage- 25.2m(40.32km)

Day 39-Saddle tent site to Kennedy Meadows

We set off at 5 ish as is normal, and headed off on the 4 mile descent to water. Grabbed water and a snack and ACB caught up and we headed off on the last climb of the desert together. I quickly caught a couple groups of people, including Pacecar and Groover. The ascent took about 2 hours, with the last bit in an old burned section. Near the end of the climb I found some shade and Suavé, ACB, and I had some breakfast. Starting to lose our shade, we headed off shortly after to do the last little climb before descending to the river that would be our next water. During this decent we got a good look at the snow covered Sierra's... So soon. On the descent I pulled ahead of the other two, grabbed some water at the small stream, and headed off for what sounded like a real river. I got there and sweet Jesus, it was at least 15 feet wide. I dropped my bag, took off my shoes and went for a swim. I ate lunch while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. Suavé and ACB showed up around 30 minutes later and we hung out there for around about an hour. We decided to head on and do the last 4 miles into KM. Getting to the general store was so surreal, it's considered to be such a huge thing to do the first 700 miles, so we celebrated by having some beer and burgers with some other hikes we had just met. We eventually headed down to Grumpy Bears, a restaurant that's a few miles down the road that lets hikers camp for free and generally be dirt bags on their property. So we had dinner there, lots of beer. Groover brought out some rum we all helped them to finish, and got to sleep around midnight, actually midnight, not hiker midnight (9pm). Daily milage-26m(41.6km)