Day 28-32 Miles 454-566

Day 28-Hiker heaven to Casa de Luna

So ACB, Tanner, Tags, and I got up at 5am to kick off the 24 mile push to Casa De Luna.  Tags let before we were ready, and Hummer and Tang were still sleeping, so Tanner, ACB, and I did the 1 mile road walk back to the "trail". Which was another 3 miles on road until you got back to a trail. We passed a hand full of people still sleeping in their tents, trying to do miles before the sun got hot. Catching Tags at 10 miles in, we had breakfast at a very slow spring infested by honey bees. They were harmless and none tried to sting me, they just landed on me and went about their business. Pushing forward we planned to stop for lunch at a random bench on trail, but find this really cool little grove in a trees that had room for everyone, and it was only 6 miles to the road. We had a nap after lunch and then Tang and Hummer caught up. Once we got to the road we found that there was a trail angel giving out pop and candy and giving rides to Casa de Luna (avoiding a few miles on the road). Nancy Pants have us all a ride. Once at Casa de Luna, we changed into our Hawaiian shirts, got tent a in their back woods, and helped prepare the taco salad dinner. Daily milage-24m(38.4km)

Day 29-Casa de Luna to Sawmill Campground

We woke up after a night of drinking of socializing with the other hikers, to a breakfast of pancakes, fruit, and coffee. After we had our fill, we got a ride with a trail angel(forget his name) back to the trail head and began the climb out of the valley. We climbed the long hike up the hill, staying on the same slope the whole way which was getting annoying as it was starting to hurt my ankle. But off we went. Hiking from spring to spring. Stopping for meals when we were hungry and trying to get some respite from the sun. Aswell as avoiding the poison oak. Hiking on on the afternoon we ran into Cruise, PaceCar, and Groover. Eventually getting to the chosen tent site, a BLM campground called Sawmill Campground. There was about 9 of is camping there in total, making for a fun night of talking, eating, and being asleep by 8pm.  Daily milage-20m(32km)

Day 30-Sawmill to Hiker town/weeville market

We woke up and it was misting weirdly on us.i got up to go pee and realized we were in the clouds. We very slowly broke camp and started moving, for the first time in awhile I was the last one to leave camp. I hiked alone for a while, eventually catching Suavé and ACB at the 500 mile sign, which due to trail changes, is actually mile 502. I got my pictures, ate some candy, and headed on. I eventually got near the bottom of the descent and was dry on water, so I went to a source that was a bit of a detour and ended up with a lot of alge in my filter. I ate brunch with Tang here, and headed off. About 2 miles later we came upon some trail magic by Cruise Control, the mother of Cruise(who I had hiked with on and off some days). So we had some beer, fresh baked cookies, and chips and salsa. We eventually headed on to do the last bunch of miles to get to hiker town. The hike was fairly uneventful and kind of annoying how the route went due to private property issues. It took us about 9 miles to go around 2 miles if it was a straight-line. Either way, we got it done, and rolled out onto the highway and ran into Pacecar and Groover, who had just secured a ride to Weeville Market, a convenience store that lets hikers camp for free on there side lawn. So we ate some burgers for dinner there, and drank some beer, and hung out until we were tired. The owner of the store promised us he would be there at 6am to drive us to the trail so we could get an early start on the LA Aquaduct section. It had gotten fairly windy, so we figured it would be cold enough to do a day hike on the aquaduct. Daily milage-19.4m(31km)

Day 31-Hiker town to Tylerhorse Canyon-24miles

After waking up, packing up, eating a breakfast burrito, and getting a ride at around 6 am we started the infamous LA Aquaduct section. Its notorious for being hot, and windy, and no water. We lucked out again due to the colder temps, hovering around 15 degrees Celsius. So we crushed the whole day as fast as we could. Once we got to the flat paved portion of the aquaduct, I started to get a pretty good left shin splint, so I ended up walking alone for a while. We had lunch with PaceCar and Groover in a little shaded section near a bridge. Due to the high winds we pushed on after not too long of a break, and started gaining some altitude slowly. After about an hour it got pretty steep, and ACB and I caught and passed Pacecar and Groover. We eventually got to our intended campsite, and set up camp. The wind got worse and worse. I moved my tent afew times, and eventually the wind shattered the metal clip that holds my vestibule doors closed. So I went out in the cold, tied it down, and tried to get to sleep. I had to reset the pegs a few times before eventually getting them to stay. 

Day 32- to Tehachapi- 25 miles

We got up early-ish, getting going by around 6. We broke camp, and headed off. As per usual ACB and I were off first. We did the long long climb up out of the valley, stopping around 5 miles to get water and eat. Suavé caught up to us here, and ate with us. We headed off and hiked until we hit a random trail magic spot. Because it was cold we didn't really take any water here, but I did get some cookies which was awesome. This is when the long slow descent started, and due to my shin splint being pretty painful on descending, this is when everyone took off on me. Foxtrot and Tags were well ahead of us here, and once we got back into the windfarms I eventually had lunch with ACB, Tang, and Hummer. They all left before me and I slowly waddled off down the hill. Once we got to the bottom of the descent, he had a long slow hike up through a massive wind farm. I ended up catching up to ACB and we hiked the rest together. We passed Pacecar and Groover on the steep descent down to the final road, and met some day hikers that gave us a was sooo good. We started the road walk to get to the highway overpass and a random car pulled over and picked us up on the way there. We jammed the 3 of us in, grabbed Tang on the overpass, and headed into town. Foxtrot and Tags were at the pizza place, so we headed there. Got beer and pizza, and figured out accommodations. Due to my military history of got us a sweet deal on a hotel room, with a hot tub. So we drank beer, wine, ate food, and swam in the pool and hot tub.

Day 33-zero

Today we did post office, resupply, got some calf sleeves for my shin splint, watched ACB show us how to hitch by showing off her ass, and drank beer. At night we went and saw the new Avengers movie, and got a good sleep in.