Day 72-76 Tahoe to Sierra City

Day 72 

We all woke up around about 8ish. I had made banana chocolate chip pancakes for everyone. We drank lots of coffee and slowly started to clean up. Doing the laundry from our towels and sheets, and slowly started to pack. ACB and I got ZuZu to take our Sierra gear to mail it for us(as she has been dealing with IT band issues and is taking a week off hiking). Drank a bunch of left over beer, ate the left over food, and watched Netflix. Suddenly it was 4pm and our hosts were itching to go home. They said they would drive us to the trailhead, so off we went. We got unloaded, gave everyone hugs, and started to decide how far to actually hike. We decided to hike until we saw something. Well our laziness got the best of us and we only hiked a half mile, camping near the highway. Daily milage-0.5m

Day 73 Echo Lake to Middle Velma Lake

We were supposed to wake up at 5, so at 530 I loudly got moving, and cooked food. We were moving by 630, and I immediately tripped and ripped up my leg. Just road rash, but still annoying as heck. So I caught up to everyone, as they left me while I was tying my shoes. We used the bathroom at Echo Lake, and pushed on another 6 miles to get to Aloha Lake for second breakfast. Camel had left us as he forgot his camera somewhere and had to go find it. We ended up staying at the lake for almost 2 hours to dry all our gear from the overnight dew, and to cook the fish a nice couple gave us. Also Nuts showed up, and decided to hike with us again. Eventually we pushed on not eating lunch until the top of Dicks Pass, only eating because I pointed out it was 2pm, and ACB said she was starving. So we ate, and quickly moved on. ACB and I were falling behind, as my knee was starting to hurt a lot. And she was having some ankle issues. Once we caught the boys, and they were wanting to push another 10 miles, we said let's get to Velma Lake and see. Once we got here ACB and I called it quits for the day, and the boys jumped in the lake and pushed on. ACB and I had a great swim in the lake, rinsed and dried out our stuff, and ate. We packed up and were in bed by 7. With grand plans for a long day to catch up to the boys as they may have gone as far as 8 more miles. Daily milage-18.7m

Day 74 Middle Velma Lake to Squaw Valley ski hill

Waking up at 430 to be rolling by 5, inevitably led to us actually leaving by 510. We got moving quickly and made some fast progress. Catching up to the boys, and a surprise Hiedi at around 630. We hiked with the. For about an hour and a half before ACB and I stopped for breakfast. We ate quickly by a lake and headed off to catch up to the guys. We caught up to them at a small trailhead, and we found MC Camel, who had skipped up to us after finding his camera. We had a quick snack and kept hiking. We had a pretty big ascent up to a ridgeline, so we hiked on, trying to get it done fast. The climb went beside a gorgeous valley looking over Lake Tahoe, and made me want to swim. Especially as it was getting hot and sweaty. At the top of this climb, ACB, camel, and I stopped for lunch, no one else was hungry so they pushed on. We ate and packed, and were moving in 30 minutes, and we quickly ran into some snow. Fortunately not for very long. After getting up to the ridge and getting onto the west aspect, we had a nice snow free ridge walk for a few miles on the back side of a ski resort. afyer passing the resort we dropped into a valley, eventually getting to a nice Creek where everyone was chilling and eating. We filled up water, I had a snack. And we moved on having 5 miles of climbing left. We passed out first south bound PCT hikers(due to snow a lot of people chose not to do the Sierra's in order, and went north to Oregon and hiked south down to the Sierra's, also called a FlipFlop). We hiked on, and started to gain some altitude, seeing the back of the ski hills for a while as we snaked in behind them. I discovered a really interesting podcast on the American Disabilities Act, so the snow and mid wasn't quite as bad. Eventually we got back into a lot of snow. I caught ACB in the snow and we decided to head to our planned tent site hoping for the best as it was up in the ski hill. We had a lot of snow, but found enough dry spots for our tents. We ate dinner, found out we had cell reception so we updated home, and went to sleep tired as heck. ACB and I had done a 31 mile day to catch up to everyone. Also sad news, Suavé has chosen to hike on without us as he wants to get done sooner. So the original 4 of us that have been together since day 12, will now only be 3. Daily milage-31m(50km)

Day 75 Squaw Valley ski resort to White Rock Lake

ACB and I were both awake before the 430 alarm . We quietly packed up, and I spent some time watching the sun rise over Lake Tahoe. We were rolling by 515. We made quick work of the snow up top, and were soon on our way down onto the first valley, and started to climb up to Tinker Knob. The climb seperated ACB and I, but as I crested the top, o found Suavé on the phone up top. So I stopped just over the top and we had a quick talk about things, and then ACB came up. We all hiked together for a while, before having breakfast on the ridge, stopping mostly because ACB had to poop. After eating and talking about life choices, we got to getting the descent over with. I pulled away on the descent as I usually do, and eventually was quite away. During the descent I managed to get cell service, so I talked to my mom for awhile, and also got some trail magic from a guy named Dave. He was hiking before work and had beer and soda and ice in his bear can. So a nice 930am beer was had. I kept moving and hiked through some really nice terrain, through a ski resort, then up through some more desert feeling rocks. Eventually getting to the I-80, where we got to a rest stop that has vending machines, and power outlets. I found 2 meals here(or Major/Captain poopy pants), we hung out and talked and eventually ACB and Suavé showed up. While sitting here we had 4 different people give us food like bananas, peaches, apples, crackers, trail mix. It was a nice 2 hour lunch break but we had to move on. As we were leaving the rest of the crew showed up,they had stopped for lunch at another highway spot with a restaurant. So off we went. We had 2 decent hills to climb, and I got cell service again at one so I called my dad and had a good talk. We ran into some snow here, but nothing serious and we cruised over it. I got to the road crossing that we were going to follow to get to the lake. I got there well before anyone else. So I found a spot to camp, and went for a swim while I waited. I came back to ACB there, she looked destroyed. So I set up the tent, and she crawled in and passed out on her air mattress. I set up all out stuff, and cooked both of our dinners. And made her eat. Turns out that doing 31 miles, then 28 can get to you. The snow was starting to wear us all down. We got to be around 2030. With my alarm set for the usual 0430. 

Day 76 White Rock Lake to Sierra City

We woke up 10 minutes before my alarm and started packing up. Ate a bar, and was rolling by 0510,as is normal, because it's impossible to pack up and leave in 30 it sseems.So off we went, did the 1 mile road walk and hit the first hill, we made plans for a breakfast spot. Back on solid trails, we are hiking alone a lot again. Just make plans for a spot to stop. There was 2 actual climbs before breakfast, the hope that the real climbing for the day would be over by breakfast. I got to the prearranged spot and started to eat. 10 minutes later ACB showed up, so we talked and ate. We both had coffee, and were both were feeling good. As we packed up Suavé showed up, so the three of us hiked a bit together, and decided on a lunch spot. After that we split up and hiked the long downhill. I found a spot with a decent breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay, so we all ate there. It was nice to know we were so close to town, because you can eat all your food. I still have a lot left over as we went faster than planned. But I had like 2 lunches of food and snacks. We had only a descent left, so we moved on. This section was a little annoying as there was a lot of trail sections with lots of loose rocks on it. Suavé led the pace, and shortly we were at the last river we talked about swimming at. We got there and decided to not swim because we were so hungry. We started walking into town, but quickly got a hitch. They dropped us off at the general store and there we found 2 meals and Nuts. We ordered the gutbuster burger, and waited around. We used their WiFi and eventually got our food, after like half an hour. We got some beer, set up our tents at the church, and went swimming in the river. We all hung out at the church after, and drank some beer. Eventually heading to sleep.