Day 77-80 Sierra City to Belden

Day 77-Sierra City to Summit Lake

We woke up at around 730 and slowly got up. I wandered down the road in search of coffee and found a nice little coffee shop. I grab a latte and headed back to find people. We made plans to head to a restaurant for breakfast, but first we used the wifi at the general store for a bit. We grabbed breakfast, and headed to the post office. I got my food box, ACB and Suavé got all their boxes, and we started figuring out our next leg. Hummer and Camel got the gutbuster burger for breakfast, and by then we were hanging out at the general store again after packing up. ACB was waiting for the post office to figure out how to do international shipping. Apparently they didn't know how to do that.... weird. Once she got that sorted, we slowly started trying to hitch, Camel got a ride, then hummer and Suavé, so that left Hiedi, ACB, and I. We never got a ride, so we walked the mile and a half to the trail and started to hike up. We had almost 3000ft to do. I caught up and passed everyone but Camel. I caught up to him at the top of the climb. He left just after I got up to where we took a break, and unfortunately too soon to let him know I thought I found a different way to the lake. The new PCT dropped into a valley, and climbed out the other side to the lake. The old pct route (still shown on my map) ran along the ridgeline above the valley. So we wouldn't have to climb out of it. During this route we got a few trail magic beer from a couple who just finished a hike, and some water as Suavé and I were a little low. Hummer was with us, and a girl we met that morning, magic beans. We hiked together as we didn't know where the rest had gotten to. We made quick work of the old PCT (now a MTB trail), and got to camp around 7 ish. The lake was pretty scummy, so we didn't swim. I grabbed water and we set up camp. The girls and Camel came into camp shortly after. We found out that they decided not to follow our arrows because they thought we were wrong. But they got there, so all was right. We had a fire, and talked and had a great time. Going to bed Suavé got a phone call from his family that meant he was going to have to get off trail for an emergency. ACB and I talked with him for a while, and we made the plan to figure things out in the am.  Daily milage-16m

Day 78 Summit Lake to tentsite

We woke up late, at around 6. Magic beans and Merino (two people from Sierra City) were gone. We cooked some food and talked options with Suavé. He eventually packed and left. We did the same, albeit in another direction. Now down to ACB, Hummer, Camel, Hiedi, and I, we all hiked essentially together. We went fairly quickly holding a good 3.4m/hr pace. We started so late that we didn't really stop until lunchtime. We grabbed water from a stream and moved on to find a flat spot to lunch.  We took our time here, almost an hour later we were moving. We had some climbing to do, and I managed to catch up and pass everyone but Hiedi. I caught up to her at the top of the last big climb, and hiked with her for a while. We eventually got to a point where she got cell reception (she has Verizon, so she usually has service), so she stopped to call her husband. I moved on. Shortly after I had to make a detour to the last water source for the day, a spring about 500ft off trail. I found magic beans there, and we caught up about Suavé and what our respective plans were. She was pushing further than we planned on. I got water, washed my legs in the spring, and moved on. I still hadn't seen anyone from my group, but I only had 2 miles left for the day. I got to camp, and I cleared out a couple good spots for everyone and slowly people rolled in. We all had a nice dinner, Hiedi cooked on the fire, and we eventually got to sleep. Daily milage-28m

Day 79-Tent site to Bucks Lake Road

We were woken up at 4am by rain, so ACB a d I scrambled to get our things out of the open, and closed up the tent. Hummer and Camel already had put their fly's on, and had apparently done around 130am. So once we had battened down the hatches, we went back to sleep. We didn't even get out of the tent until the rain stopped at about 7. And slowly started to pack. We got moving finally at around 830. Making quick work out of the descent. We got to the Feather River and stopped to eat because Hummer hadn't had breakfast and it was 1130. He and I dried all of our wet stuff. As due to not closing up the tent for 3 hours of rai , we had some accumulated water in the tent. So I dried my air mattress, quilt, tyvek, and tent. After a while we packed up and kept rolling. I hiked the 2 climbs here with ACB and Hiedi. Having good talks about all of the things. It had been really overcast all day, with periodic spitting on us. Once we were most of the way up the climb, it started to rain pretty hard on us. We decided to just keep hiking and push through it. We were already wet, so a rain jacket wouldn't do anything for us. We got to the top of the climb and passed above the clouds. Up top the girls got service, so we took a break so they could call home. I ate some food and waited for the guys to catch up. We were wet and cold and started thinking about getting a cabin at the lake near the trail up ahead, ultimately it was too steep a price to justify. So we moved on all together. Crossing a paved road, we ran into a guy named Denis, who gave us some apples and crackers. We listened to some of his fish stories, and moved on. We made plans for where to camp, and decided that we would head to the next road and see what we could see. Getting to the road, there was a pit toilet 100m down the road and a big dirt parking area. So due to it being 2030, we set up camp at the side of the highway. Cooking dinner it started to rain, and we quickly retired to our tents. While unpacking everything ACB realised she had done something wrong. When Hummer and I dried out our wet stuff, she didn't, she also found out her puffy jacket was wet from the rain during the day. For those that don't know, down insulation doest not work when wet, it clumps together and provides nearly no warmth. So ACB was wearing all her clothes and tried to stay warm. It rained for about 2 hours, after which I happened to wake up and opened the vestibule on my side to try and get air movement to dry us out. Ultimately it made nearly no difference. Daily milage-28m

Day 80- Bucks Lake Road to Belden

We woke up early and were rolling by 520, shockingly Hummer and Hiedi were ahead of ACB and I. We found out how lucky we were quickly, seeing how dense the clouds were about 100ft vertical below where we camped. We got some amazing views of the sun rise as we hiked up the ridge climb. Eventually getting into a decent spot beside a creek, I stopped to eat breakfast around 8am. ACB, Hiedi, and Hummer caught up and ate here. After about 30 I moved on with the girls, and Hummer stayed trying to dry his stuff. The girls and I did the 5 Mike descent into Belden Town, and grabbed beer and burgers at their restaurant. We hung out our gear to dry and eventually got a ride from a trail angel to the other business down the road that had a cheaper resupply. We did laundry there but it took forever. We were planning on being up the long climb already, to complicate matters Camel had stayed at the other restaurant, and we couldn't get ahold of him. So we called the trail angel and she said we could stay at her place. It turned out to be amazing. We had pancakes with plum rhubarb preserves on it, and fresh plums, and she baked us plum muffins. And cut up fresh watermelon for us. We got to sleep a little late, but we were in beds.