Days 81-83 Belden to Chester

Day 81- Belden to Philbrook Lake

We got up at 430, had coffee and cereal, and Brenda the trail angel drove us back to the trail. We were on trail by 530 with a warning to watch the poison oak. We started the 12 mile hill, hoping to find Camel. There was a lot of poison oak around the trail for most of the climb, with large sections fairly overgrown. So we smashed through it, hoping for the best. We got to the campsite Camel slept at, as he left us a mark in the ground we knew where he was. Hiedi got cell reception and was able to message Camel, he was 2 miles past the turn we wanted to make, so he turned around and met up with us. We made a hard left turn to get off trail, found the dirt road after a couple hundred feet of bush whacking, and made our way to Zu's cabin. After some adventures, and met getting annoyed and hangry, we finally made it to the cabin. We were the only ones there so we hung out and ate on the deck. Eventually Zu showed up after her hike, and we played guitar, went swimming, ate lots of snack food and drank lots of wine spritzers. Eventually we borrowed the neighbors SUPs, ACB and I hung out paddling, Zu ripped around in a kayak, and Camel rocked a canoe. After a while we decided to go cook. After a great dinner of pesto ravioli, salad, brussel sprouts, and meat balls, ACB and I retired to bed as we were very fatigued. 

Day 82 Philbrook Lake to tent site.  

We woke up to Zu cooking breakfast. A few of us pitched in and we all ate by about 8. We had  coffee, and hung out a bit in the cabin. We slowly packed up, and her uncles decided to drive us to the trail. Saving us from the 4ish mile walk. We finally got going at about 1130. We quickly did the road walk and got back onto the PCT at the 1300 mile point, no mile marker was there, so we moved on. We hiked about 2 miles and stopped for lunch, it was a quick one as some black flies were saying my legs, and I fucking hate black flies. I inhaled my food, and left on my own. After almost 5 miles we came up to Cold Spring, a water source Zu told us to use. It was super cold and delicious. We all grabbed a few litres as the water for today was all off trail by at the least a third of a mile. And no one likes off PCT miles. So a water carry it was. The hike was pretty flat considering what we've been doing, lots of little up and downs. I caught up to ACB after a while and we walked and talked for the last 6 miles of the day, a lot of it on a ridgeline that gave us some good views, the scenery looking more like Ontario, hills covered in trees. We got to camp, set up, cleaned and ate. Then had a couple deer walk right into camp. We chased them off a few times but they are relentless. Comments on guthooks (our trail GPS app) talk about these deer from last year as eating all the salty things on your backpacks and poles. So we slept with all of our shit in our tents. Daily Milage-20m

Day 83 tent site to Chester

We woke up at around 5, or if you're ACB, 515, and slowly got going. I chased away a deer from Camels tent, and ate some cereal. Once packed up we got rolling at around 610. We did the 4 miles of climbing to start our day, and fairly quickly we were on our way downhill for the last 8 miles into town. This downhill was no ordinary downhill though, it contains a small, tiny little cement pole, that marks the middle of the fucking trail!!!!. We spent way way too long taking pictures and eating some snacks there before heading on. We casually did the downhill, and our pace slowed once we realised we had cell service, with most of us calling home to catch up. I had a nice little chat with my daddy. once we got to the road we ran into Denis, who we had met a few days before, and he had room for only 2 though, so while Hummer and Hiedi(CPR), were loading up, ACB did her best dance moves at the side of the road and got us a hitch from the first truck to see her sick ass moves. a nice lady who gives hikers rides a lot gave ACB, Camel, and I a ride. We immediately went to the Pizza Factory for the unlimited pizza buffet, as it was only $10, so that was amazing. We ate too much, hung out at the library, and ate some icecream after buying groceries. As I post this we are planning on eating dinner in town and heading out to the trail once it cools down in the evening to get another 10ish miles done for the day, as we have only done 13 so far.