Day 84-89

Day 84-Tent site to tent site

We woke up hesitantly at 430, as we had a hard time hitching and didn't get to camp until 9pm, and only did 3 miles after dinner. So we were tired, and didn't go far enough bad on our plan. So off we went at about 530, making quick work out of the climb to start our day. I ended up alone, and ate breakfast alone, I waited a bit, but no one caught up to me. I hiked on alone to the campground that was inside Lassen National Park. Once there I waited for a while at a picnic table and hung out until Camel and ACB showed up. We used the bathrooms here and filled water bottles and moved on. We hiked for a few more miles before hitting a fast moving Creek where we got in to clean our legs, and ate lunch. As we headed off Hummer and Hiedi caught up, and we all headed off with plans to get to a lake to go swimming. Once we got there we ran into a crew we met in the desert that had flip flopped, and ruffles, who was ahead of us until then. We spent an hour swimming and hanging out before we headed off. Past this lake is largely flat, like actually flat, like boring flat. We hiked through an old burn area, and had a tree fall right beside the tree inbetween ACB and I. Other than that the last section of the day was not too great, until we saw Mt Lassen, which looked really rad. We grabbed some water from the last stream, and moved to our campsite. We ate, did our individual stuff, set up camp, and crawled into our tents by 830pm. Daily milage-32.4m

Day 85- Tent site to Cache 22

I woke up at 5, and started getting ready for the day, that is until ACB demanded of me to go back to sleep. So I layed back down and suddenly it had been an hour. We all sorely started moving, oddly enough, ACB and I were the last to leave. We hiked the first 3 miles dry to the river to get water, then did the remaining 6 ish to the highway. Once there we did the road walk to Old Station, nothing much more than a gas station and a cafe. We got food, lots of water, used the WiFi, and eventually moved on. We managed 0.1 miles on trail before detouring again, this time to the Subway Caves. It's a cool geological attraction caused by lava. We stayed a while in the cold dark caves to avoid the heat. Eventually we stopped being lazy and moved on. Doing the climb up out of the valley floor to gain a ridge overlooking that same valley. We very quickly got our first views of Mt Shasta. Which was to exciting because it's the last mountain we run into in California. We got to the last water source in this stretch, so I did the .5 mile walk down the steep switchbacks, and popped into the river to clean my legs. With water, and after eating a bit, ACB, Camel, and I set off. With Hummer and Hiedi getting water still. We ran into the first PCTA log book in a long time, also some mega let down when I found a cooler, but it was emty. We got to the cache on road 22, so affectionately named Cache 22. We set up camp, cooked food, and went to bed. Daily milage-26.3m

Day 86 Cache 22 to Burney Falls State Park

We woke up at 430, hoping to avoid a lot of the heat. We walked along the same ridge for about 6 miles before dropping down to the floor to wind back and forth before finally crossing a nearly deserted road. We sat on the side of that road and ate breakfast, with Heidi opting to just walk on. After about 30 minutes we all packed up and moved on. I quickly caught Hiedi, and we chatted for a while about the complexity of the Canadian cell phone market. We picked up the pace and ended up at Burney Mountain Guest Ranch by 11. We got some water, signed up for lunch, showered and swam in the pool, and resupplyed. We ended up staying here until 6pm to avoid the heat. Eventually we headed off, ACB and I were by ourselves and we quickly did the 10 miles to Burney Falls State Park. A quick photo shoot, dinner on a picnic table, a conversation with a ranger, and we were in our tents by about 1030. Which would prove to be problematic. Daily milage-26m

Day 87- Burney Falls to Tent site

430 came very very quick. We all packed up, ate a quick bite, and headed out. Used the bathrooms one last time and by 510 we were on our way. The climb out of the park was reasonable, descending to our first water 5 miles away. ACB and Camel caught me there while I filled up on water. I had noticed I was getting dehydrated, so I'm trying to drink a litre of water on the spot everytime I fill up. Off we went, now having to do the real climbing. Nearly 4000ft over 12 miles. Nothing crazy, but continuous ascending. I stopped at the next water source another 5 away, and found there to be a nice breeze on the trail so we just say on trail to minimize the bugs. After around 30 I moved on alone and made pretty quick work out of the rest of the climb. Once up to it was a lot of ridge walking, and sometimes doing into a forest. The water we wanted to stop at for lunch was non existent. So ACB gave me the half litre to make soup, and we ate sitting on an old logging road. ACB and I stick together after lunch, grabbing water from an amazingly cold Spring, and stopping at a small Creek 0.4miles from our camp site. I bathed in the creek and ACB napped. We eventually moved up to our site and found it to be shitty and filled with bugs. We ate food, and quickly retired to bed. Everyone was really very tired, and being in bed by 8 was hopefully going to help.  Daily milage-28.4m

Day 88- Tent site to Tent site

We awoke at 430, and were on the trail by around 515. A quick climb started our day, but afforded us a great sunrise, and eventually views of Shasta. ACB caught up to me and we walked together for a bit until she stopped to pee. Which may be get excuse as I took over now as the spider web clearer, as she expressed his much better hiking after me was when we ate breakfast. Either way we ended up on another logging road for breakfast. I ran down the road to the to to grab us water, just adding an extra half mile to my day. We ate, found out we had cell service and surged the internet and downloaded new music/podcasts. After an hour, we finally were on trail. We had a bit of a plan, instead of stopping after another 10 miles (our new favorite meal interval), we would push past year the forest service campground 13 miles ahead. Getting there wasn't too hard due to the 10 mile descent, but it was getting hot. We rolled in at 115pm, and quickly I jumped into the river, and cleaned off, and did some sock washing. Now that I felt amazing, we ate, then layed out our tyvek and pads, and had a nap. A few hours later the rest rolled in. More river time, more clothes cleaning, and lots of stories later, it was 5 pm. Camel moved on to eat later, but the rest of us were hungry. So we ate dinner, then moved on to hone the remaining 6.5 miles. Waiting out the sun proved a good idea. As we got to camp to find a really nice flat spot, that was also overrun with mosquitos. So we quickly cleaned our legs and arms due to the vast amount of poison oak, and got into our tents. Not having to cook thurned out to be a godsend. We were mostly all asleep by 830. Daily milage-29.7m

Day 89-Tent site to My Shasta

We woke up at 4 to try and get a slightly earlier start on the day as we were mostly all out of food. ACB and Hiedi were the only ones awake with me, so we all set off. Due to the heavy tree coverage we needed headlamps to hike, but only for the first hour or so. We eventually got to the first good water for the day at a river that looked like it would be great to swim in, but being as how it was 6am, I only got water to drink. ACB caught me here and we discussed a breakfast spot, after making a decision I took off on my own. I came across a deer right on the trail shortly before our breakfast spot, but it eventually ran away once I was a few feet away. I got to our breakfast spot, simply a tentsite that was both at the top of the hill, and had good sitting logs. ACB and Hiedi came up and told me they saw a bear, in the exact spot I saw the deer, maybe it was hunting. We ate and moved on, having a long walk up top, then a longer descent. I hiked fast, feeling pretty good, and set a new record for speed for myself, doing 23 miles before noon. At the start of the road walk I came upon Nuts, which surprised me, and he told me about all his blister issues that slowed him down. We swam in the Sacramento River, and ACB and Hiedi found us and jumped in aswell. We eventually decided to try and hitch, nuts and Hiedi tried at the onramp, and ACB and I went up onto the interstate. After about 10 minutes ACB and I got us all a ride up to the town of Mt Shasta. We figured out a place to sleep and got some Mexican food. Then we checked out the gear shops, and got dinner. Getting to sleep behind one of the gear shops, lucky for ACB and I, we shared the space with a local homeless man who talked loudly to himself all night. We did eventually get to sleep, but not without some laughs. Daily milage-23.6m