Day 100-110

Day 100-Ashland to South Brown MTN Shelter

Trail Angels who gave us a ride around the fire

Trail Angels who gave us a ride around the fire

the sun cutting through the trees 

the sun cutting through the trees 

 We woke up at around 7, ate breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and met the trail angel that would drive us around the fire closure. Once there we got our pictures, and set off. I eventually set off alone as was planned. I had been having a lot of feelings of exclusion from the group, so I thought some time alone would be great. ACB also said she wanted to hike alone as well as she had not done that once since starting the PCT. So off I went, I caught up to some people I knew and had lunch at around the 12 mile mark, and then set off. I maintained a good pace at around 4 miles an hour trying to push myself hard physically so I didn't need to think about my feelings or the shit I had going on. At around mile 24 for the day I ran into Smooches. I started to talk to her a bit, and eventually sat down to rest. We talked about the shit going on for a while, then eventually the talk turned to normal shit. Then I decided to not do the 40+miles I had planned and camp with her and some section hikers at a cabin a few miles up. I took her suggestion to hike slow, and try to meditate or shovasana while I hiked. It turned out to be the best 3 miles of the section so far. He way the sun was cutting through the trees, and sounds of the birds, it had me feeling very relaxed. At the cabin. I met all the section hikers, and we hung out, ate dinner, and talked until dark. Eventually smooches and I talked for about 30 minutes from our tents before heading to bed. Daily milage-27.8m

Day 101- South Brown MTN Shelter to Tentsite

I woke up frozen, absolutely frozen, it was cold yes, but my experiment to ship my sleeping bag ahead and use just a sleeping bag liner seemed to have failed. But I chose to not pack up and hike fast, rather to cook breakfast, and coffee, and read the magazine I was sent by Nadine(plus her commentary on the articles). Eventually I set off last of the group, eventually passing everyone from camp. About 5 miles in I got cell service, and used that time to update my mom and sister on my shit going on, and I talked to some people who surprised me that they helped me out so much. Through this I decided that being amongst friends was a good thing. So I hiked onto the first water at 10 miles in. There I found out the guys were a few hours away and I waited there for them for 4 hours. Eventually ACB came up, and said how much she enjoyed being alone, we talked for a bit, but I eventually set off to hike with the guys, and we hiked up the long climb to eventually find mosquito hell. The bugs are out now and it seems that we're stuck with them. We grabbed water at the last spring for a while, and headed off. We hiked through worsening bugs, and kept going past our aimed for tentsites because of this. Eventually we found a spot in the middle of a climb up to a ridge that was windy and thankfully, bug free. So we squeezed 3 tents into a 2 tent site that already had a 3 person tent in it. The guy came out to pee and said it was cool we were there, so we ate in our tents as it wasn't completely bug free, and wondered where nuts was as he had fallen behind. Daily milage-28.7

Day 102- Tentsite to Mazama Village

Omce again, I woke up frozen as heck. So I brewed up coffee, and slowly ate while reading my magazine. We very slowly got packed and nuts came up to us around 730, and we were moving by 745. After a few miles we took a break because it was bug free, and we had a great view. After eating and very slowly getting going we continued to hike along the ridge, and shortly we got split up with Hummer and I out front, and Nuts and Suavé behind. Hummer and I talked about a lot of emotional and life issues, and he helped me work my way through some stuff, and was incredibly supportive of this. After a while we stopped for water and the other two rolled up, we filled up on water and headed off. 3 hours of political discussions later and we finally found some shade, and not too many bugs to eat lunch. After lunch we hiked for another few miles before getting into a super burnt out area from just a few years ago. Eventually we started to get swarmed by mosquitos so I set off alone to hike fast and hopefully not get eaten.i ended up running for 4 miles to avoid the bugs, and quickly got to Mazama Village in Crater Lake National Park. I drank beer, and ate food while I waited for the boys to show up and we could do laundry. We got laundry done, showered, hung out with some new friends, and eventually went to sleep. Daily milage-28.9m

Day 103-Mazama Village to Field tent site

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

I woke up as the sun was rising, so I got up, went to the bathroom, walked to the one place in the park I could get cell service, and then packed up and moved to the store. We charged our stuff, got our now dry laundry, ate, and waited for Suavé's box of food to arrive. And waited, and waited. Eventually at around noon he found out it wouldn't arrive until 4, so he convinced the store clerk to ship it to his house and just bought food so we could head out. We headed off on the mess of alternat trails, and the steep climb up to the rim village, but we got there around 2, and decided to eat looking over crater lake. As we were packing up, ACB and camel rolled in. I eventually got a chance to talk to ACB about things when everyone else went to get water. I got a lot off my chest, and so did she. After talking I hiked pretty hard to catch up to nuts who had left 10 minutes earlier, and once with him he let me vent all my shit to him. We ended up talking about it all for atleast an hour. Which then turned into talking about all kinds of random shit, and suddenly 3 hours later we were at the water cache, where we met a pretty cool photographer from Washington who gave us tonnes of advice about the trail up north, and waited for Hummer and Suavé. Once they got water I was relieved to find that they wanted to continue, as I still wanted to hike more miles. So off we went. Nuts and I continued talking about all kinds of stuff, eventually only 3 miles further I looked over and saw a huge pumice stone and grass field, and it was breezey so the bugs were gone, and we all decided to camp there. It was a lot shorter than we planned, but it felt right. At that moment I felt relaxed, and happy, and exactly where I needed to be at this moment. We ate and waited an incredible sunset. Before the bugs came back, and we retreated to our tents. We talked for almost another hour, and eventually went to sleep. My sleep was interrupted by my cold situation when my blanket would move off me and I would wake up, which then I would lay awake thinking about things going on, fortunately I have Netflix shows downloaded as I could distract myself and go back to sleep for a few hours. Overall it was the first sleep I wasn't completely frozen since I sent ahead my sleeping bag. Daily Milage-15m

Day 104-  mile 1841.9

We woke up and I made coffee in my tent, and watched the sun rise. After a while I broke my camp, and headed off, with the rest of the guys still asleep or chilling. After about 5 miles I caught up to ACB. I decided that the way things were left the day before wasn't good. So we talked a bit, it got a little heated, and eventually she headed off to hike more and I ate breakfast. I wasn't feeling great, so I figured hiking fast would help. So I learned I can average 4.6m/hr uphill if I try hard. After just shy of an hour, I rolled up on ACB eating. So I sat down to try and sort shit out with us. Eventually we ended up chatting about random things. And then we started hiking, and talking. Soon we got to an amazing lookout, and we decided to hang out there. We talked and talked and hung out. And found out if you live in Quebec you can't get Spotify....hahah, language laws screw them over. Eventually Snowman showed up, a dude from Vancouver we met in Crater Lake. So it was 3 Canadians hanging out. Soon after Suavé, Hummer, and Nuts came up. They hung out for a while, and decided to camp there. It was a short day, but such an amazing spot to camp. We all were in bed by 8, and watched the sun set on the valley. Daily Milage-19m

Day 105- Tentsite to Diamond View Lake

We woke up at 5, did the normal routine of snack, pack up, and eat. i headed out first, and hiked pretty fast because I decided to listen to an album called A Moment Apart by ODESZA. I highly recommend it, but listen to it loud and with headphones. I passed to people quickly, and before I knew it I had hiked the 2 miles to water. I walked down the spring, grabbed water, and went back to the trail to eat breakfast. By then everyone had caught up. We ate, and then hiked the 6 miles to the next water, I hiked with Hummer and ACB, and we talked about science for the 2 hours, so something I could contribute a little to. Once at the water the group seperated. Suavé, ACB, and I went on an alternative trail called the Oregon Skyline Trail, the rest going on the PCT. We hiked for about an hour before we got to a lake so we had lunch sitting beside the lake. After about 40 minutes we packed up and set off. The trail here was very hot and dusty. So I let a gap open between Suavé and I so I did you have to eat so much dust. After another 2 hours we came upon a national park that was on a huge lake. So we went into the park campground, found the beach, and swam for an hour, and ate, and hung out. It was almost 5 so we figured we should head out. We hiked the last 6 miles for the day, ending at Diamond View Lake. Where we washed up in the lake, but quickly got into our tents due to the mosquitos. They weren't terrible, but bad enough. Daily milage- 30m

Day 106-Diamond View Lake to Charlton Lake

Diamond View Lake

Diamond View Lake

We were up and eating by 5, and we broke camp in record time because the mosquitos were really bad. Off we hiked, with ACB setting a blazing fast pace to get away from the bugs. We got to Shelter Cove by 0715, which was perfect, as we could get great breakfast burritos and coffee. We hung out, charged our electronics, and ate lots. Slowly people started flowing into the campground. We drank some beer. Got our resupply packages, and were waiting for all the guys to get there to decide on hiking further. Eventually lunch came so I ate more food, and after that I ended up finally getting to talk to Camel about things. It was good to talk to him instead of letting any residual anger fester. Though in talking to him it seems that ACB was less forthcoming in her apology to me than I expected. Which has made it hard to be fully trusting in her. So after that, I packed up, and headed off to the lake we planned on hiking to with Suavé. We got a hitch back to the PCT saving a few miles of hiking on the road.  Suavé and I crushed 17 miles in one stretch with no breaks. Once at the lake we swam, ate, and were asleep by 730. Daily Milage-26m

Day 107- Charlton Lake to Hwy 20/Sentient Pass

We woke up at 5, ate some food, broke camp,and headed off. After about 8 miles we hit a lake and stopped to eat. The bugs were pretty bad so we started a fire, and ate some food. Suavé let me kno here his ankle was feeling great, and instead of the 33 miles we planned, he wanted to do 40. So we decided to look at campsites at lunch time. Off we set, we planned another 13 miles until lunch, to try to get around 20 before we ate. We stopped at Barbell Lake, I swam, and cooked. Eventually Suavé rolled into camp and we ate, and chilled with an Israeli hiker named Rambler. Suave at this point said he didn't want to do 40, but rather 50. So we looked at camp spots, and decided on a nice looking spring at 51. Then we started to hear thunder, and packed up quickly and rolled out. After a short while we got rained on for about 30 minutes. This caused two things to happen , one it got hella humid, and two, the mosquitos got craaaazy bad. So I hiked as fast as I could, and for the first time used my headnet I had been carrying for a few hundred miles. Shockingly, it helped, a lot. So I hiked to the bottom of the climb out of Elk Lake, where I was able to call my mom quickly. Once at the top we stopped for a 30 minute dinner break. Suavé decided at this point he wanted to get home earlier. And to do that we would have e to do something very ambitious, especially as we had taken some big breaks already. So we kept hiking, eventually getting into sisters wilderness. Which turned into some of the most beautiful hiking I've done so far. The meadows and the views of the 3 sisters, all of it combined to some incredible views. Suavé and I kept on rolling, passing lots of hikers in their camps, and they all gave us tonnes of support for our plan for the day. Then the sun started to set....and Holy shit. It was just insane....words can't describe it. After waiting for the sunset to finish, and snapping a few pictures, we headed off. Once we hit the 50 mile mark we stopped and had a second dinner. I had to force Suavé to eat, and we set off again. At about midnight we hit 52 miles. Daily milage-52m

Day 108- continued hiking

We kept hiking along, seeing the glow from Bend off in the distance, eventually stopping at about 1 am to grab water from a lake and have a quick snack. By 230 we hit Hwy 242 and took a 30 minute break sitting on the road. We had to mentally prepare for the lava field coming ahead. So by 3, we set off. We hit some lava, then a nice dirt section. Then we really got into the lava, we did 3 miles of climbing on loose lava rock, it wasn't all that easy. We slowed right down, and I fell once on the rock, but we eventually made it out of it. We were in a burned out section and had to now deal with a lot of fallen trees. We had a quick break at the top of the last climb, and ate some food. At about 430 we set off for the last push to get maximum miles before the 24hr point. We had a long downhill to go, and we tried to quicker our pace. As we hit exactly the 24hr mark, we checked our milage, we had hit 70.6 miles, so we stopped and took 5 minutes to rest. But because of this section we picked, we still had to get to the highway. So we had another 5 miles to go. So off I went, I talked to Rachel for an hour, then my dad, and shortly I was at the highway. 45 minutes later I got a hitch to Bend. Grabbed a bed in the hostel, and went to a pub for beer and food. By 530, I passed the eff out. 

 Day 109- Zero

I woke up, had breakfast, talked to hikers and climbers, ate more, had coffee, and finally made it to REI. I ran into Darwin, and was introduced to a dope ass trail angel named Austin. He paid for my purchase, and drove me 2 hours to get to suaves cabin. Once there we drank some beer, and ate lots of food. 

Day 110- Zero

I woke up, had coffee, talked to suaves parents for a few hours and waited for everyone to wake up.  Eventually we got to the boat, and spent the rest of the day on the boat swimming, wake surfing, and tubing. 

Hummer running around in his hammer pants

Hummer running around in his hammer pants