Life Update

Spoiler alert, I have finished the PCT. So now I suspect you are asking yourself, "but Brandon, you haven't posted a single blog post about the entire state of Washington!" Yes I know, I had grand plans to be done, and to have been crushing the edits on my photos while I hit the gym all the time and eat healthy as fuck once I got home.

Well, the thing about life is it never goes the way you want it to. You plan to be strong, you plan to be fucking amazing, and life comes in and is like, nope, not this time.  I finished, and got my packages in BC(thanks mommy), and found that my laptop was damaged in shipping. I was staying at my sister's friend from school, and I found I had incredible stress over things like trying to make plans. Thankfully Kelly was amazing and just let me tag along with her plans so I could leave her apartment and not have to make decisions. The simplest things were hard for me, as I had spent the last 4 months not making decisions on what I was going to do with my day, I knew that every day I would walk. 

On my last day in Vancouver, I got my laptop repaired. Suddenly I could connect to the world, and I figured I would go to the camp I was going to volunteer at and crush all my shit. Well once I got there it was a little busy, but in being perfectly honest, I had a lot of time to myself where I could have written blog posts, sorted and cataloged pictures, edited pictures, and posted for everyone who followed me to see the end to this part of my journey. but as things go, I started to feel that post trail depression that I was warned by Darwin about. I found myself absolutely apathetic to doing this. I would just lay there and watch youtube, or Netflix on all my free time. I had not a single iota of motivation. 

Jump forward a week and here I am sitting in Grounded(coffee shop), I have been driving everywhere to visit all the people here who wanted to visit. I saw Rachel and Lina, which made me so much happier. Yet I still have not found the motivation to write, to edit, to even apply for a job. I emailed off a resume and got a call from the manager to set up an interview and it was hard to actually dial the number to call back. I know everyone has their own battles in life, and motivation to do things post trail is definitely my newest battle. Though like many challenges I life, the hardest step is the first one, so I am spending my long weekend trying to actually start the process, sending off dozens of job applications, I'm currently pulling the thousands of images off my SD card, and after this I am going to try and find a way to remember what happened every day in Washington. 

But, because I still feel overwhelmed by the support of so many people on my trip, while I am waiting for my images to be transferred to my laptop, I fixed up one of my favorite pictures. So here is Hummer on the summit of Mt San Jacinto during a crazy cold storm.