Day 124-126

Day 124- Mirror Lake to Snoqualmie to Tent Site


We woke up late, at about 5am, I was the second to last to get rolling, and I was on trail by about 530. I set off and quickly did the short climb to get up and over the ridge line that surrounded the lake. The sun light was starting to make things brighter, so I was able to increase my hiking speed. In this section on the short descent I started to get good views of the Highway that Snoqualmie pass is a part of, but the trail started to get kind of weird. It was a mix of hydro line access roads and overgrown trails. It was pretty wet to hike this morning as the overgrown sections had a tonne of dew on it. After passing a few people still in their tents, I finally got into cell range of the pass, and was able to call my baby brother to talk wedding stuff, and get life updates. I descended down the ski hill, and hit the small town of Snoqualmie pass. I headed straight to the coffee shop and found Einstein there. We drank coffee, used wifi, and talked. Eventually Darwin showed up and we kept hanging. I decided on a whim to text Tang, and see where she was these days, as she was back on trail after her broken foot had healed up. After about 20 minutes she texts me that shes in Snoqualmie Pass… fucking way!. I go outside to see if I see her and shes sitting on the sidewalk right outside the coffee shop!!!! It was so amazing to run into her again. I hadn’t seen her since Bishop in California. Well we spent a few hours with her catching up, and doing re-supply. Einstein set off around noon, and Darwin and I didn’t leave until after 1pm….which turned out to suck.

We headed up the long long climb, and gained the ridge line, and then we did the up downs that we are learning is normal in WA. This section was very very loose rock, and was mentally and physically very draining. We talked about all kinds of shit to keep ourselves moving. We looked ahead and figured that we would chance it on a tent site for 1 tent, and hope we could fit. Well we rolled into that tent site mentally so tired, and low and behold, Einstein was there. So we managed to set up 3 tents in a 1 tent site site, new record! I set up on a gigantic rock just because D said I couldn’t with a free standing tent. Well I sure showed him! I ate and passed the eff out. Daily Milage- 26.9m


Day 125- Tent Site to Deception Lake


We woke up real early, packed up, and were rolling before 5am. It was a super cool short descent into the valley, before climbing up, then back down, then back up, ect. Washington was definitely showing off how much climbing there is here. Early in the morning we had our first really cold river ford, with frozen feet we hung out for a few mintues to warm up. After this we split up like normal, but always found each other for meals. I found Einstein eating near a river, so I figured I would stop and eat a bit early, but I was hungry so fuck it. I ate, D caught up, and after I ate I rolled on. There was a long slow climb up out of this valley we had been in most of the morning, with a few really steep sections. I passed a few pack donkeys, which was a first for me, before getting to a gigantic alpine lake that had a bunch of section hikers at it. It was hard to keep hiking past this, as it looked so nice! But such is trail life, you cant stop and camp at every lake. I did the long hike up and over the tall ridgeline, then descending down the far side. This is when we ran into a very wide convoluted river. I was able to stay dry by literally rock climbing up onto some boulders then jumping between boulders to stay above the water. On the far side I sat down and took a 15 minute break to eat and drink water. I helped a few groups of hikers find their way over the river, then I headed on. There was a nice gentle hike up the hill, before getting into a pretty cool section hiking on the side of a valley with lots of up and down. It was starting to drop in temperature and the clouds rolled in, I started to hike faster so I could just get my tent set up incase it rained. I passed a couple of section hikers, and eventually made it to the lake. I found a Tentsite....with about a thousand mosquitos. Einstein showed up as I was getting set up, Then we headed to go swim in the lake. It was a quick dip and wash as the water was cold, and the bugs were out. Back in the tent D rolled in and set up. We ate in our tents, listened to Darwin narrate his day to the camera, and made morning plans. We closed up our tents as it looked like we would get wet. Daily mileage-35.3m

Day 126- Deception Lake to Stevens Pass


We woke up at 4 as we do. I crushed some food, and packed up. Einstein was already gone and Darwin and I set off. It was wet, and this was the very first day I chose to hike in my rain jacket outside of the Sierra's. We did a short climb up, then way down into a valley. The whole time we were in the clouds, so we were fairly moist.  We finally caught Einstein and hiked with him a bit. I eventually got ahead of the guys, and hiked alone all the way up and over the ski hill at Stevens Pass. I rolled into the ski lodge and they were just opening up. So I went up to the bar and got a beer and food. About an hour later the guys found me. They had been eating corn dogs on the first floor because they didn't know about the bar. Then we found Theresa(Savage) who had gotten ahead of us. I met her in Bend and had last seen her in Cascade Locks. We caught up, and the guys set off to Leavenworth. I had to hitch hike to Skykomish alone to get my resupply and then back to Leavenworth to find the hotel D had booked. I found him. We showered. Dried and cleaned gear. Did laundry. Ate a bunch of Oreos and drank beer. While I showered Darwin managed to eat a whole package of Oreos and a litre of milk and then passed the fuck out. LMFAO, what a goof. So I watched some Netflix, drank more beer, did both of our laundry, drank more beer, and dried/cleaned my gear.

Daily Milage-17.6